Overwhelming yet hypnotic, abrasive yet intoxicating, atmospheric yet dissonant: a single label would not do justice to Shagor. Shagor throws a deafening silence and a salutary emptiness over the listener.

Inspired by the flourishing Dutch black metal scene J.and P. decided to work on a black metal record of their own. In 2019 all songs for Sotteklugt, a corruption of ‘Klucht der Zotten’, was finished and the band was complemented by J. on drums and J. on lead guitar. ‘Sotteklugt’ was released on the 30th of October 2020 through Babylon Doomcult Records and received widespread acclaim thoughout the underground scene.

Shagor are:
J. – Drums
J. – Lead Guitar
P. – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
J. – Bass Guitar & Vocals

Shagor (2022)

Shagor – Sotteklugt (2020)
Swarte Yssel: Digital & Cassette.
Babylon Doomcult: Vinyl & CD

Artwork by M.